Mobile Application

To prepare for the challenges of the next generation, enterprises are widely adopting enterprise mobility solutions. Ranosys has the expertise to deliver the best native, HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps on all platforms.

Impelled by greater competition and a need for a growing next-generation technology on mobiles/ gadgets, mobile apps and sites are no longer options and rather have become imperative. Our mobile products provide a personalized and rich experience to our clients covering all the areas of their betterment. We offer flexibility to businesses with safe and secure access to data anywhere and everywhere. Australian swan provides a well established platform for those organizations who are scaling up their business or preparing for more intense competition. We also provide consultancy to clients based on our rich experience and propose them the best suited solution for their organizations. Years of experience with different enterprises and our zeal to provide you the best of services can truly be realized by the multiple user-friendly mobile apps in different domains including healthcare, telecom, enterprise & resource planning and corporate services.

We deliver mobile apps in all key mobile platforms including:

  • iPhone/ iPad applications
  • Android applications
  • Windows mobile applications
  • Blackberry applications

Our expertise in mobility solutions:

  • Scalable, Secure and Cost-effective Mobility Solutions
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Scalable, Secure and Cost-effective Mobility Solutions
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile app development
  • End-to-end Business Apps
  • Enterprise and Corporate Apps
  • Customer Relationship Management Apps
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Apps