Who we are?

Welcome to Australian Swan, an Award-winning West Australian owned and operated Marketing, Website Design, Creative Design, Printing and Information Technology (IT) company.

What we can do for you

We are an ultra modern creative & marketing agency with all kinds of Printing & Signage Services in Perth, WA. We have a passion for developing innovative designs that inspire evolutionary outcomes.
We create state of the art, bespoke design solutions for branding, advertising campaigns, interactive websites, web applications. We are one-stop solution for Marketing, Website, Branding, Creative Design, Advertising, SEO, Printing, Signage, Promotional Products, IT, Server Installation & Desktop Support for small to Medium Business.

Australian Swan was created though passion & experience for what we do. Built from the ground up by very experienced Marketing & Creative Professionals; you can put your trust in us to develop your brand from scratch or to improve your current business look to boost your sales. Our experienced team is made up of marketing professionals, web designers, creative thinkers, graphic designers, Signage experts, Software Developers and Printers. We think beyond creativity for our clients, that is why they keep coming back to us. We are creative problem solvers, so we love the challenge of developing new and inspiring ideas that have probably never crossed your mind or bringing the concepts that are on your mind, to life. We believe design is to become immersed in your brand, and treating it as well as, if it were our own. We work hard to achieve outstanding results for you business. We take pride in helping people, however big or small the task may be. Our vision is to create outstanding results for our clients, without the huge price tag.We tailor our services to create consistent branding that not only tells a story, but delivers a message about your company and its vision, and that createsa cutting-edge impact that will set you apart from others.

Why our clients say we are better than the competition

Our natural curiosity and ability to push the boundaries puts us one step ahead of our competitors. Following international design and digital media trends, we are able to anticipate the next big thing in the market and offer the most effective solutions to position your brand ahead of your competition when the market changes.

Advantages of partnering with Australian Swan

Our experience in the market is our strength and visual identity holds the key to success. We use our knowledge and expertise to build a brand that will give you high visibility in the market, allowing you to attract new clients and add growth to your business.

So, let’s work together! Drop us an email or call to speak with one of our specialist designers and join us on the journey of your company success!

Web Design:

A modern, well-designed website is your company’s window to the world, so it needs to be bold, user-friendly and attractive in order to capture your customer’s attention. Websites are often the first point of call for your customer, so it is vitally important that it encourages them to go further.


We create beautiful, user-centric websites that will wow your users and your business. We believe that a well-designed website is a thing of beauty and for us it’s all about clear, usable designs using the most up-to-date web technologies to create great user experiences. Our Website Design and Development service provides each customer with a unique creative website, which is reflective of their business vision. From website design and development to total website maintenance and project management, Australian Swan can take care of every aspect.

Online Shop:

The world of online shopping is growing at a phenomenal rate, with sales increasing every year. With modern technology advancing so quickly, people use their phones, tablets and computers to find exactly what they are looking for, creating an opportunity for your business to connect with them. We market your products in a very fast and direct way to reach your target market wherever they may be, at home, at work, or even on the train.

Mobile Apps:

These days we use our mobile phones for virtually everything and technology is constantly evolving creating endless possibilities. From online banking applications to personal calendars / organisers, we would all be lost without them. Using the most up to date technology, we are able to create high performance, brilliantly designed, user-centric applications with almost unlimited potential. It is a fast way of communicating directly with your customers and it enables you to keep one step ahead of your competitors.


By investing in a great brand you are increasing your visibility in the market. Having a recognised brand is like having a shop window showcasing your products and services on every street corner that your target audience walks past. Our experienced team of digital experts are highly skilled in creating innovative and modern marketing solutions to help you to connect your business to your target audience.


Your logo is the face of your company, so it is important that it is easy to remember, attractive, and will set you apart from your competitors. We believe that seeing and understanding is critical, so we design logos with meaning behind them, so that people are able to identify the fundamentals of your company, whilst leaving a lasting impact.

Visual Identity:

Having a powerful visual identity will leave a lasting impact and will give your company a strong presence in the market. You want your brand to be memorable and easy to identify the core components of your business. We take care of everything in order to create a key visual identity. This includes logo design, business cards, paper envelopes, folders, catalogues, flyers, posters, banners, and graphics for profiles in all types of media, including the Internet.

Brand Strategy:

What does your brand stand for? What are your company values, your identity, your essence? Is this something that is clear to see? We feel all these factors are important when planning your strategy, so your company’s story is transparent. We create brands with meaning behind them, which reinforces your business strategy and makes you more authentic, helping people to build trust and confidence in your brand. Our branding style is both modern and eye-catching and we would like you to use our knowledge to help your business to grow.


E-marketing refers to the use of the Internet and digital media capabilities to help sell your products or services and it’s is currently the fastest way of promoting your brand. We help you to deliver the right message to the right audience, in a very direct and effective way.

Marketing & Advertising Strategy:

Promotional strategy is all about creating a plan for your company, putting you on a journey towards success. From our first consultation with you, we will gather an in-depth understanding of who you are, your unique selling point (USP), your competition and of course, who your target audience is. Only then do we create a strategy directed at those clients, in order to drive more sales leads to your company. This process needs to begin before the sales process starts and by working hand in hand with Australian Swan as your marketing arm, you can make effective, informed decisions. By getting the preparations right at the start, the sales will come much easier. We are also able to measure your results in real time, allowing slight modifications to be made quickly so as not to lose prospective clients.

Social Media:

Social Media is fast becoming the most popular way in which people create, share or exchange information and ideas, making it easy to connect to a wider audience of potential customers, in a very direct and effective way. It’s an interactive medium, allowing us to create discussions and get instant feedback from customers, in a rapidly expanding market.

Interesting Facts About Facts About Social Media

  • 500 Million people are on Facebook
  • 50% of Facebook users are active every day
  • 75 Million people are on Linkedin
  • 1 new user joins Linkedin every minute
  • 24 hours of video is uploaded every minute
  • 2 billion videos are watched every day
  • 200,000,000 blogs are active on the internet


Did you know that over 90% of web users do not go past the first page of Google? So where a website ranks is vitally important for directing more traffic towards your site. The position of your website on Google, Yahoo and Bing, is directly connected to your sales, as it is the most effective way for customers to find information about your product and services. We select the best keywords and create innovative content for your business, in order to market your services towards a specific target audience. This method is very effective in measuring your success and with our strong analytical methods; we are able to monitor the changes in your ranking with a smile as you climb towards the top spot.